Chapter 5 – Safety Around the Automobile


Chapter Overview

This chapter focused on: Laboratory Safety; OSHA; Safety Equipment; Fire Extinguishers; Automotive Lifts; Lifting a Vehicle Safely; Using Jack and Jack Stands; and, Safety Around Airbags.

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Safety in an automotive lab or shop is essential. Fires are classified by the type of material burning. The best type of fire extinguisher to have when working on an automobile is a combination A-B-C. Proper jack procedures enable you to lift a vehicle safely and without damage. Two types of lifts are common in automotive shops: inground and surface-mounted lifts. Surface-mounted lifts come in two and four-post designs. The four-post is easier to use than the two-post, but it is not as versatile without special adapters. The four-post lift is generally used for oil changes and undercarriage inspections, while the two-post is commonly used for tire, brake, or suspension work. Be extremely careful when working around airbag system components. They can be dangerous if accidentally deployed.

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