Auto Upkeep has been adopted by over 500 schools in the United States and Canada. Are you looking for a book to help you teach maintenance and light repair? Look Inside Auto Upkeep. Our book was specifically designed for Introductory Automotive, Consumer Auto, Basic Car Care , Auto 101, Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR), and General Auto Classes. It is used by schools as the first course in a NATEF automotive program or as a stand alone car care course. Read Reviews! Auto Upkeep correlates to beginning MLR tasks, making it an ideal first course. For all other programs, it provides the fundamental knowledge and experience in owning and maintaining an automobile. Instructor resources are provided to help you teach the course. You can customize any files on the Instructor Resources CD or USB to meet your specific needs. Resources include a Course Syllabus Outline, Competency Profile, NATEF Correlation Matrix, PowerPoint Slides, Lab Activities, Study Questions, Chapter Tests, Exams (Mid-Term and Final), Answer Keys, and more. Auto Upkeep is available in Hardcover, Paperback, or eBook formats.

We are happy to provide instructors at educational institutions with a preview copy of Auto Upkeep for course adoption consideration. If you would like a review copy or a quote for a class set, check out our Contact Us page.

Schools that adopt Auto Upkeep:

  • High Schools (Public, Private, Charter, Online, Virtual, Magnet, and Parochial)
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Career and Technical Centers

Other Facilities and Institutions:

  • Juvenile Correctional Centers
  • Adult Correctional Centers
  • Justice Centers
  • Youth Job Centers
  • Adult Job Centers
  • Career Centers
  • Youth and Adult Homes