Chapter 1 – Introduction and How Cars Work


Chapter Overview

This chapter focused on: Major Automotive Contributors; Automotive Milestones; How Cars Work; Engine Identification; Vehicle Identification; Common Fuels and Designs; and, Emerging Technologies.

Automotive Museum Sites

Automotive Manufacturer Sites

Early Automotive Founders

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Resources

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Chapter Summary

In a little over one hundred years, automobiles have become extremely popular. The automobile has made personal land transportation easy, allowing people to work great distances from where they live. Cugnot, Benz, Ford, and Porsche, among others, changed the development of the automobile forever. With an ever-growing number of vehicles on the road and demand for oil increasing, fossil fuel prices will certainly rise. Today, manufacturers are mass-producing hybrid and 100% electric vehicles to increase efficiency, minimize pollution, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Activities and Study Questions

Activities and study questions can be completed in the Auto Upkeep Workbook.

Career Paths

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