Clinics and Workshops

Car Care Clinics are smart for
  • Automotive Repair Centers  
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Auto Parts Stores

Have you considered ways to engage your current customers? Looking for alternative methods to generate new customers?

Car Care Clinics and Workshops are a Powerful tool:

Engage Customers

Hosting a car care clinic or automotive workshop is a great way to engage your customers. The more intelligently a customer communicates a problem, the more effective your technician can be, and ultimately the higher the customer's satisfaction.

Acquire New Customers

Car care clinics show auto owners that your business wants to help them learn the importance of adhering to maintenance schedules. With a better understanding of why maintenance is necessary, new customers will trust your maintenance recommendations.

Develop Customer Rapport

By helping your customers understand how cars work and what to regularly check, you will establish a good rapport and trusting relationship. Care Care Clinics offer an opportunity for your business to shine, showing you are all about customer relations, friendliness, and top quality professional service.

Foster Community Pride

Your community involvement makes cars safer, helps customers save money by not neglecting their vehicles, and provides a customer base for you to complete routine maintenance and repairs. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with your community. Remember to have attendees share on social media.

Car Care Clinics are often on a limited time schedule, covering some basics like checking the oil, checking tire pressure, changing light bulbs, and changing an air filter. Offering Auto Upkeep as a gift of attendance with your business contact information on the cover allows customers to continue learning and makes a great lasting impression. Ultimately, if you show your customers you have them in your best interest and treat them like family – they will be in return!