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I have helped write textbooks and reviewed them over my 18 years as an automotive instructor. This book has helped in the class with basic theory and research. It’s difficult to know what will help entry level students get “comfortable” with high-skilled content but the book and resources ease the transition. I can provide task sheets, questions and research to occupy those with different learning styles and needs. I’ve created most of the lists and tasks from the ASE alliance tasks and used those and the ones available here to accomplish accreditation and use for an end of pathway assessment review. The fact that the books are basic is great for those wanting to check family vehicles and obtain knowledge. Fantastic customer service and speedy response time make my job that much easier. – March 2018

Mike, Automotive Instructor

Auto Upkeep is the perfect textbook for anyone interested in learning about the automobile. It’s comprehensive and easy to read/understand at the same time! (Check out the table of contents.) The author has done a great job keeping it basic and interesting. It’s up-to-date and full of great pictures with many informative links to outside resources on the Internet for additional information. This book gives the reader enough background information so they can communicate effectively when taking their car in for service and understand what repairs are being done. It should be a must read for anyone that owns an automobile. I have taught automotive technology at a community college for the past 31 years and have used this textbook in entry level courses. – February 2018

Robert, Automotive Instructor

I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and in my opinion, this is the best fundamental automotive textbook I have found. I have used the previous versions for several years and what I have found is the newer versions are properly updated with the latest maintenance and light repair information. The accompanying materials, such as the instructor resources and the student workbook, are excellent for entry level automotive students and are written well enough to serve as support material for more advanced courses. Another benefit that comes with Auto Upkeep is the ability to communicate directly with the author. Mr. Gray makes himself available to his customers and often reaches out to us to ensure his product is up to date and serving our needs. – March 2018

Bobbi, Automotive Instructor

I have been teaching automotive technology for 10 years and this book has suited our needs very well. This book is great for a novice or even a skilled person in the industry. It does a great job outlining the fundamentals of how each of the automotive systems work. Great pictures, references, and one heck of a curriculum package! – March 2018

Justin, Automotive Instructor

The Gray’s book, along with the vast amount of resources they provide on their website, is simply OUTSTANDING. I used this book in the automotive units/lessons for my Basic Home/Auto Maintenance class and it was extremely user friendly – to both myself and the students. The text was easily understandable for all student reading levels, the worksheets were incredibly handy, along with online activities. The topics and subjects in the chapters were well organized, relevant and realistic to car owners (current or future). This book has immense value, it’s extremely well-written and very, very informative. I strongly recommend it. Also a great gift idea for the teenage new driver! Or, for the high school graduate or your kid moving out on their own or off to college! – March 2018

Anna, Technology Education Teacher

The Gray’s write from an instructors’ heart. While each edition gets a little more in-depth, it still remains accessible to all individuals, no matter the experience level. The workbook correlates nicely with the textbook as well.

MJ, Transportation Teacher

Auto Upkeep is packed with a variety of up-to-date automotive related information – including illustrations, images, tips, and weblinks. It can easily be picked up and read from any point in the book.

Randy, Automotive Instuctor

Great book for introductory courses. Covers every system in the car without getting too in-depth.

Mitch, Automotive Instructor

Auto Upkeep should be the standard of introduction into the automotive industry. It is a book that is technical enough to help you understand the complexity of today’s cars, yet easy to understand so that students can grasp the concepts.

Mike, ASE Master Technician

This textbook and accompanying resources are great for an entry level course for all students. The text is broken down in the right way to make a complex idea easily understood. I believe all students should have the opportunity to have this textbook and become an informed consumer and automotive owner.

Matthew, Automotive Instructor

I have used Auto Upkeep for many years for my freshman classes. Students find the content easy to understand and a very valuable step in furthering their automotive education.

Tim, Automotive Instructor

Auto Upkeep is a great easy to follow and easy to read text for a basic automotive introductory course. The text also has easy to understand vocabulary and technical terms.

Ruben, Automotive Instructor

This is a perfect text for students in my introductory level automotive courses. The book does an excellent job of preparing students to be knowledgeable vehicle owners and prepares students for advanced level automotive courses.

Miles, Technology & Engineering Dept. Chair

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Automotive Instructor Reviews - 3rd Ed.

Simply the best book yet for the high school driver who wants to learn how to take care of his or her car. Compact, colorful, and complete.

David, Automotive Instructor

Auto Upkeep, by Michael E. and Linda E. Gray, is a great book for teaching introductory automotive at both the high school and post-secondary level. It is well written, easy to follow, and full of great information. The book includes information that the everyday consumer should know as well as a strong foundation for those interested in pursuing a career in the automotive field.

Bob, Automotive Instructor/Department Chair

This is one of the best beginning books for anyone interested in learning Automotive.

James, Automotive Instructor

I feel this text is a great introduction to the automobile. It is very clear and concise!…I think the new photos really help the reader understand and comprehend what the book is trying to teach.

Peter, Automotive Instructor

This is a great book for beginner automotive classes or drivers ed.

Stan, Automotive Instructor

The current edition is a great primer text for anyone who drives (or will work on) a vehicle. Many of the teachers at our school would like to take the course and read the book. The chapters on Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies and Alternate Fuels and Designs provide good insight to the realities of driving a vehicle now and in the near future. Buying an Automobile and Automotive Expenses chapters give an eye opening taste of owning a vehicle for high school students. A good all-around starter book!

Frank, Automotive Instructor

Excellent upgrade, the color improves clarity and detail. This was the first thing the students noticed.

David, Automotive Instructor

I am the department chair for the auto program and I along with the other auto instructors have picked your book to use in all the introduction classes (Auto 50, 58, 59, 79-A and the consumer class when offered). I think changing to colored illustrations adds a lot to the book along with the web addresses, tech tips, Q & A areas. I would sum up the book by saying it covers all the systems on vehicles to a point where the student can determine what areas they have an interest in then pursue an advanced diagnostic class. Quality vs. quantity is a perfect balance.

John, Automotive Instructor/Department Chair

Great “Consumer Auto” course book that also doubles as a good first year “Automotive Technology” course book. The color is used well to make diagrams and figures really “Pop” on the page. Comprehensive but its well organized layout of each chapter makes it simple and easy to use.

Jim, Automotive Instructor

The new colored illustrations are great and the text is written in a way that a beginning student can understand. I do like the Resources Symbol (QR Code Links) on front cover (each chapter cover page has a QR Code Link) for the student with bar code readers (smartphone with scanning app).

Michael, Automotive Instructor

This is a great text for beginning auto students. We all have students in class who will not be going in to the auto repair industry but with this course they will become better automotive consumers. I teach an Intro to Auto Tech class and this text is perfect for this course. It is interesting and engaging.

Jerald, Automotive Instructor

Great additions to Chapter 18 Alternative Fuels and Designs. Current information helps with student information, learning, relevance…your text helped save our Auto Program here by showing our Administration how basic automotive knowledge tied in with our life skills programs with real world relevance . Great text! My students will continue to excel using your text .

Rob, Automotive Instructor