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Auto Upkeep Complete Curriculum
Auto Upkeep Textbook

  •    288 FULL COLOR Pages

  •    20 Easy-to-Read Chapters

  •    Over 700 Illustrations

  •    Hardcover and Paperback

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Auto Upkeep Workbook

  •    176 FULL COLOR Pages

  •    40 Hands-on and Internet-based Activities

  •    Over 250 Illustrations

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Instructor Resource USB

  •    Course Syllabus Outline

  •    ASE Ed (NATEF) & TEKS Correlations

  •    PowerPoints Presentations

  •    Lab Activities

  •    Study Questions

  •    Chapter Tests (LMS Compatible)

  •    Exams/Final (LMS Compatible)

  •    Answer Keys

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Auto Upkeep eBook (RedShelf eReader)

  •    Access on Any Device with Internet

  •    Rent or Buy

  •    Highlight and Take Notes Digitally

  •    Enhanced Navigation

  •    Keyword Search

  •    Create Flashcards and Study Guides

  •    Collaborate with Peers

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Auto Upkeep Online Academy

  •    Access on Any Device with Internet

  •    All 21 Courses

  •    All 41 Activities

  •    Graded Tests

  •    Interactive Lessons

  •    Gamified Design

  •    Connected Community

  •    Collaborate in Groups

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  •  Complete Curriculum

    Complete Curriculum

  •  Gamified Design
  •  Life Skill Building

    Life Skill Building

  •  Detailed Reporting

    Detailed Reporting

  •  Supercharged Learning

    Supercharged Learning

  •  Connected Community

    Connected Community



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Meet the Authors

Gray Family

Hi! We are Mike and Linda Gray, the authors of Auto Upkeep. We believe there is a better way for drivers to connect with their automobiles, a safer, less expensive way in which drivers can prepare for and avoid the unexpected. We are extremely passionate about helping others, and our mission is to provide the tools for drivers to achieve self-reliance and confidence. Automobiles are integral to our way of life, yet often one of the least understood technologies, Mike and I see that as an opportunity to share what we have learned.

We have dedicated the last 19 years to helping drivers and are eager to continue simplifying automobile ownership for every driver with our Auto Upkeep curriculum and resources. Discover more about us.


The Gray Family

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Add Oil with Funnel

Why is it important to maintain the oil in an engine?

Learn about checking and changing engine oil in Chapter 10.

Coolant Overflow Tank

What should you do if your engine starts to overheat?

Learn about engine coolant and the cooling system in Chapter 12.

Brakes Red Caliper

How do you know when your brake pads need replacing?

Learn about brake pads and the braking system in Chapter 15.