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Auto Upkeep has been adopted by over 500 automotive programs for Introduction to Automotive classes.

Automotive Programs in US and Canada

ASE Education (NATEF) Correlations

Do you teach an Introductory Automotive class that feeds into your upper level ASE Education (NATEF) program? Auto Upkeep correlates to beginning tasks within the Maintenance and Light Repair framework, making it an ideal choice for your first course. Students need an introductory program that is easy-to-understand. Auto Upkeep is that program.

Easy-to-Read Format

Do you teach a basic consumer auto class? Auto Upkeep provides all students the opportunity to become automotive literate. Its easy-to-read format introduces students to the automobile in a non-intimidating format. With short paragraphs and hundreds of illustrations, student enjoy reading Auto Upkeep.

Extensive Instructor Resources

The extensive Instructor Resources make Auto Upkeep a breeze to implement. Plus, if you use a Learning Management System, such as Blackboard or Canvas, you can administer the tests electronically. Now in its 4th Edition, Auto Upkeep has been trusted for over 15 years by hundreds of automotive programs in North America to give students a solid automotive foundation.

If you teach automotive,
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