Afterschool Programs

Over 10 million students
participate in some type of afterschool program. What does your program
offer? Have you considered a fun and practical course like Auto Upkeep?

Afterschool Programs are in high-demand:

Flexible Curriculum

Auto Upkeep, with its vast flexibility, can be taught in the classroom, a shop, or a parking lot. No matter what your facility is, Auto Upkeep can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Practical Life Skills Learning

Are you looking for a hands-on, engaging curriculum for teens? Do you want to teach students how to buy a car? Auto Upkeep covers that. Do you want to teach students how a car works? Auto Upkeep covers that too and so much more with opportunities to learn about basic car care, maintenance, repair, and ownership.

Pathway to Success

Education is a pathway to success, that's what make afterschool programs so beneficial. Auto Upkeep is a productive way for students to spend their time after school. Most students will own a vehicle when they become adults. Help them become confident auto owners and have FUN learning!