Sample Course Syllabus

Auto Upkeep can be either a 1/2 credit or 1 credit course elective. The course covers 135 hours of instruction. If you would like to run this as a 1/2 credit course, shorten the number of hours by reducing or eliminating the number of activities completed. Activities are both hands-on and internet-based. Most hands-on activities can be completed with a limited number of tools. Some activities can also be completed more than once to extend hours of instruction, enhancing the student’s skill set. The curriculum is flexible for you to adjust it to fit your needs. The great thing with the Auto Upkeep curriculum is that you can pick and choose from 40 activities on what you would like to cover. Please see the 90 days (18 weeks) or 180 days (36 weeks) course outlines below.



90 days (18 weeks) Course Syllabus (for Print or eBook)

180 days (36 weeks) Course Syllabus (for Print or eBook)

Course Syllabus (for Auto Upkeep Online Academy)