Adult and Community Education Programs

If you are looking for a basic automotive curriculum for your adult and continuing education program, you are in the right place.

Adult and Continuing Education Programs provide adults opportunities to:


Innovative retraining with Auto Upkeep can prepare displaced workers for new automotive related careers where skilled trade workers are in high demand. Automotive related jobs can be lucrative. Relevant skill retraining and expertise learning can foster long term worker satisfaction.

Gain New Knowledge/Self-Enrichment

Adult and Community Ed Programs using Auto Upkeep provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge about an important life skill in a non-intimidating learning environment. Students enjoy exploring automotive literacy - learning how to keep their vehicle reliable, save money, and make confident automotive decisions.

Learn a New Skill/Explore New Interests

Students have diverse needs as they learn a new skill or explore a new interest. Auto Upkeep was developed to provide automotive information in an easy-to-follow format for all students, new or seasoned drivers, to acquire the knowledge they need to make their experience with an automobile more rewarding.

Engage in Corporate Training and Professional Development

Experience-based professional development that keeps employees engaged in activities can provide a solid foundation for understanding the automobile. Auto Upkeep is used as an effective learning tool to increase employee performance, inspire excellence, and improve the corporate bottom line. Training options can be as simple as a one day workshop or more advanced with multi-training sessions.

Become Lifelong Learners

Education is a pathway to success. Auto Upkeep can also help students transition to upper level automotive programs and encourage them toward a path of lifelong learning.