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Our Story

Hi! We are Mike and Linda Gray, the authors of Auto Upkeep. For most of us it’s true, about as soon as we can walk we fall in love with our wheels. Mike and I believe there is a better way for drivers to connect with their automobiles, a safer, less expensive way where drivers can prepare for and avoid the unexpected. We are extremely passionate about helping others. Our mission is to provide the tools for drivers to achieve self-reliance and confidence. Automobiles are integral to our way of life, yet often one of the least understood technologies. Mike and I see that as an opportunity to share what we have learned.

We have dedicated the last 15 years to helping drivers and are eager to continue simplifying automobile ownership for every driver with our expanding Auto Upkeep curriculum and resources.

1st Edition - 2003

1st Edition - 2003

We released our first edition of Auto Upkeep in 2003 with a print run of 250 copies. Months later MotorWeek ran a two minute highlight recommending it "...for a raw beginner, this is an absolute must-read." With their endorsement we shifted into overdrive.
(16,653 books)


2nd Edition - 2007

2nd Edition - 2007

Our second edition came a few years later with the addition of 5 new chapters. Our first print run jumped to 10,000 copies. To offer more choices, we offered both paperback and hardcover options. We also released a workbook to support the textbook. Expanding into the homeschool community, we developed a Homeschool Curriculum Kit.
(53,188 books)


3rd Edition - 2013

3rd Edition - 2013

The greatest change for the third edition was publishing all our books in full color. Each chapter also had a QR code to incorporate online content with the print edition. With the addition of an online eBook, we continued to make more options available to students. We added a support video site to extend learning.
(48,770 books)


4th Edition - 2018

4th Edition - 2018

The fourth edition saw an extensive revision. The textbook now has over 700 illustrations, including information about autonomous and electric vehicles. This latest edition of Auto Upkeep addresses exciting breakthroughs in the automotive industry.
(14,188 books and counting...)


The Future

The Future

Through the years we have been able to continuously improve the learning experience for well over 120,000 students. Our goal is to help every new driver learn the basics about their automobile in a non-intimidating way. The next few years will bring exciting transformations in the automobile. As we all experience this paradigm shift to electric vehicles, Auto Upkeep will continue to educate consumers about these new technologies.​

Moving Forward


The Gray Family

The Grays

Our Essence

We are a family run business, built from the ground idea, one word, one page, one book at a time by combining our unique perspectives, visions, and skills. We operate every aspect of Auto Upkeep with dedication, creativity, and collaboration. Ultimately, life's greatest pleasure for us is to simply watch our boys discover the world by our side. They learn every second, as any parent or teacher knows. They are our inspiration and the drivers of our future. It is our aspiration to prepare them well with practical life skills.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in being a catalyst of self-reliant and empowered automobile consumers. Our curriculum is the base knowledge to draw from when choosing a quality repair facility, buying a car, handling roadside emergencies, diagnosing common problems, and communicating with technicians. Ultimately we want to help make driving safer, less expensive, and more enjoyable.

Boys and the F150 Truck

We are an Independent Publisher

Did you know that when you purchase books from us you are supporting a small independent publisher? We compete with the largest publishers in the world - multi-billion dollar companies. We depend on you, our customer, for feedback and support. We don't answer to corporate shareholders, we listen to you. We strive to develop effective curriculum materials for you, at a fair price. That's it.