Google Assistant Actions

Designed to supplement the Auto Upkeep curriculum, these Google Assistant Actions help you review the content learned in the textbook and workbook. These are free, fun games that you can complete on any device that runs the Google Assistant. Just download the Google Assistant to your phone or tablet, bookmark this page, and try it out.

Works only on Phones and Tablets that have the Google Assistant installed.

Please READ all 3 Steps before navigating away from this page.

Step 1 – Install the free Google Assistant on your device.

Apple Devices

Android Devices


Step 2 – Click on a Chapter Link.

After you have installed the Google Assistant on your Phone or Tablet, click on the Chapter that you would like to review.

(Yes, these are FREE!)

Chapter 1 Review – Introduction and How Cars Work

Chapter 2 Review – Buying an Automobile

Chapter 3 Review – Automotive Expenses

Chapter 4 Review – Repair Facilities

Chapter 5 Review – Safety Around the Automobile

Chapter 6 Review – Tools and Equipment

Chapter 7 Review – Auto Care and Cleaning

Chapter 8 Review – Fluid Level Check

Chapter 9 Review – Electrical System

Chapter 10 Review – Lubrication System

Chapter 11 Review – Fuel System

Chapter 12 Review – Cooling System and Climate Control

Chapter 13 Review – Ignition System

Chapter 14 Review – Suspension, Steering, and Tires

Chapter 15 Review – Braking System

Chapter 16 Review – Drivetrain

Chapter 17 Review – Exhaust and Emissions System

Chapter 18 Review – Alternative Fuels and Designs

Chapter 19 Review – Automotive Accessories

Chapter 20 Review – Common Problems and Roadside Emergencies

Step 3 – Try it!

Once you have opened up the link from Step 2 on your phone or tablet, you will be at the Google Assistant site. Click “Try It” on the screen.