Chapter 12 – Cooling System and Climate Control


Chapter Overview

This chapter focused on: Cooling System Purpose; Cooling System Components; Coolant Properties; Coolant Flow; Heater Core; Cabin Air Filter; and, Air Conditioning.

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The cooling system is extremely important to the operation of the engine. The cooling system maintains efficient engine-operating temperature, removes excess heat, brings the engine up to operating temperature as quickly as possible, and provides warmth to the passenger compartment. Antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing, increases the boiling temperature, lubricates components within the engine, and reduces the likelihood of corrosion. The heater core transfers heat from the engine to warm the passenger cabin. A cabin air filter cleans the air that blows through the cabin vent system. If your A/C doesn’t work, take it to an ASE certified technician that has the proper equipment to find, repair, and recycle the refrigerant if necessary.

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