Gas Spilled in Trunk

Q: The gas can I use for my lawnmowers spilled in my trunk. What can I use to get rid of the smell?

A: Make sure all of the fluid is absorbed. Sprinkle some kitty litter in the area of the spill. Once all of the liquid is absorbed, you will still have to get the smell out. If your trunk has carpet or fabric, you may want to remove it so you can clean it thoroughly. Use a fabric cleaner to clean the area. A teaspoon of dishwashing liquid (like Dawn® liquid dish detergent) mixed with water in a spray bottle may also work. Since gasoline is a petroleum product (made from oil), the dish detergent will help remove any oil residue. Spray the area and scrub with a brush, then wipe with a towel. Let the fabric air out in a well ventilated area for several days. You may also want to try an odor neutralizer product after the spill has been completely cleaned.