Antifreeze as a Coolant

Q: I recently had a radiator hose burst and lost all my antifreeze. Since warm weather is here I thought I would just run pure water in the engine for the summer. Will this hurt the engine?

A: Antifreeze is also a coolant and is important in warm as well as cold seasons. Pure water will boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and can be corrosive within the engine. Most automotive manufacturers require a 50% water to 50% antifreeze solution all year. The boiling temperature will increase to 226 degrees Fahrenheit with the 50/50 concentration and reduce the likelihood of overheating your engine. Antifreeze also reduces corrosion. Different types of antifreeze exist, so be sure you use the type your vehicle manufacturer recommends and flush as required. Since antifreeze is a hazardous waste, recycle it according to local laws.