Fuse Location

Q: My heater fan stopped working. Where would I find the fuse panel?

A: Fuse panels can be located in various places: under the hood, under the dash, driver’s side edge of the instrument panel, or in the glove box. Look in your owner’s manual’s index under “fuses and circuit breakers” to find the specific location on your vehicle. Your owner’s manual should also show you a diagram of the panel with all the fuses identified. Look under “climate control system”, “heater”, “htr a/c”, or “blower motor”. You can use a plastic fuse puller (usually provided and placed inside the fuse block cover) to remove the fuse. Look through the plastic part of the fuse to identify if it is blown. There is a wire filament in the fuse. If it is broken, you have found your problem. If the fuse is not blown, you may need a new blower motor.