Taillight Fuse

Q: What could be causing my truck’s taillight fuse to continue to blow? Can I just put a higher amp fuse in the fuse box?

A: A fuse blows due to an overload of electricity through a circuit. A short circuit or a component drawing too much current can cause this. A shorted circuit may be more likely in your case. Many trucks have wiring for trailers that can become problematic. When trailer wiring is installed, aftermarket “T” plugs can be used that plug directly into the wiring of the vehicle. Instead of using “T” plugs, sometimes trailer wire connectors are just spiced into the truck’s wiring. Check all connections for corrosion or wires that have the insulation removed. Also check the taillight bulb sockets for corrosion. Use dielectric grease in the sockets and in trailer wiring connections to reduce corrosion. If the fuse blows only when you plug in the trailer, the trailer wiring is the culprit. Never replace the fuse with a higher rated fuse. Serious electric damage could result.