Gas Pump Clicks Off

Q: All of a sudden I am having problems filling my fuel tank. Even though I know I have driven enough to take 8 or more gallons, the gas pump shuts off after only 2-3 gallons. I have to fight to get more gas in. What could cause this?

A: Gas pump nozzles are designed to automatically shut off when fuel touches the nozzle end. If you fill the tank too fast, gas can splash up near the nozzle tip causing it to shut off. When you are adding fuel, it sounds like gas is being pushed back up the filler neck. This may be due to a lack of proper venting or a kinked filler hose. A vent hose connects to the top of the gas tank and runs next to the filler neck to let air out of the tank as you fill it up with gas. This vent hose may be kinked. Inspect the line for any bends that may be causing it to block the air from coming out of the tank.