Oil Leak

Q: I recently had my oil changed and now it seems that my engine is leaking oil. What could cause it to leak related to the oil change?

A: On some vehicles when the oil plug is removed oil may collect in a frame member. This is a poor manufacturer design, but does happen on some vehicles. If the technician doesn’t clean inside this frame member it will appear that the engine is leaking oil. However, the old oil is just dripping from where it collected on the frame. If this is not the case, check to see if the oil is leaking from the oil plug or oil filter. Some oil plugs have rubber or plastic gaskets. Over time this gasket can become cracked. Another thing that could have happened is that the old oil filter gasket got stuck on the engine block without the technician noticing it. If the new oil filter is installed without removing this old gasket, an oil leak will develop.