Oil Pressure Sensor

Q: When I am driving my truck on the road the oil pressure gauge jumps around. I have checked the oil and it is at the full mark. What could be the problem?

A: Don’t ignore this. If your engine is running low oil pressure, then internal engine damage could result. However, you may be just getting a faulty reading since the gauge is acting erratically. Your oil pressure gauge works with the oil pressure sensor, which is screwed into the block, to transmit a reading. A faulty oil pressure sensor can cause the reading on the gauge to be erratic. You may have a bad oil pressure sensor. You should also inspect the wires going to the sender to make sure they are not loose, corroded, or shorted. If a new sending unit doesn’t work, you can check the oil pressure with a manual pressure gauge. Then you will need to determine if you have a gauge problem or an actual oil pressure problem.