Winter Safety Kit

Q: What should I include in a winter safety kit for my car?

A: Winter driving can be hazardous. You may find yourself stranded late at night in a parking lot, alongside a desolate road, or in a ditch. Certain items can help you get through an unexpected situation until help arrives. Before it gets cold outside and the snow is blowing put together the following items: basic first aid kit, tool kit, pocket knife, flashlight with new batteries, duct tape, blanket, jumper cables, gloves, hand/feet warmers, protein/energy bars, portable shovel, candles, matches, windshield scraper, a coffee can full of sand, cell phone charger, and extra winter clothing. When you leave for your trip don’t forget your cell phone and a couple of bottles of water. It is also a good idea to let someone know your travel route and when you are expected to arrive.