Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

An HEV and a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) both utilize an engine to eliminate range anxiety. Some people feel range anxiety when driving an all-electric vehicle that has a limited range. A hybrid’s engine essentially allows for easy refueling and unlimited driving distances, just like a conventional vehicle.

Charge Port. A PHEV has the same components as a full HEV with the addition of an onboard DC charger. A charge port allows the user to recharge the high voltage battery pack by plugging into the electrical grid.

Fuel Economy and Environment. The EPA’s new label identifies a PHEV’s range and fuel economy when fueled by electricity or gasoline. The option of recharging the onboard high voltage battery pack by plugging in allows for longer distances in electric-only mode, reducing engine use. Whenever plugging into the grid for environmental benefits, the source of electricity should be considered. For example, electricity from a solar or wind power plant is cleaner than from a coal-fired power plant.