Chip and Scratch Repair

The following is a general procedure for repairing a chip or scratch. Start by finding touch up paint in a small bottle or pen to match the color code, along with rust remover, a sanding pen, touch up primer, and clearcoat at an auto parts store or dealer. Check the owner’s manual for any specific suggestions.

Chip and Scratch Repair Procedure 

Start by removing any rust or flakes. A rust remover can be used to dissolve larger rust areas.
STEP 2 If you only have a small chip with surface rust, consider using a sanding pen. The tip of a sanding pen is small to minimize disturbing surrounding painted areas.
STEP 3 Clean the area with soap and water. Allow time for it to completely dry.
STEP 4 If rust was removed or metal is exposed you need to apply primer for the new paint to bond properly. Read the label for primer drying time.
STEP 5 You should be able to find a small bottle or pen of touch up paint. Stir the touch up paint and test in a hidden area for a color match.
STEP 6 Apply the paint with the cap applicator. Do not apply too much at once. Use several thin coats if necessary to fill the chip or scratch. Allow each coat to dry before applying another coat.
STEP 7 When the paint is dry, if the original finish has a clearcoat, apply the clearcoat over the repaired area.
STEP 8 Once the area has dried completely (wait at least a couple of days) use a polishing compound to blend in the repaired area.
STEP 9 As a final step, protect the repaired area and the rest of your vehicle’s finish by waxing.