Forgotten Part Lubrication

If you hate the sound of annoying squeaks and creaks when you open your door or move your seat, then it is probably time to lubricate some of your vehicle’s most often forgotten, but important moving parts. Lubrication helps to reduce wear, rust, and corrosion, while keeping moving parts operating smoothly. If you are having difficulty releasing the hood latch clean and then lubricate the latch mechanism. There are various types of lubricant products such as motor oil, WD-40®, 3-In-One® oil, silicone spray, silicone paste, and lithium lubricants. Refer to the owner’s manual to see which lubricants are recommended for your vehicle. Read product labels for exact procedures and applications. Before applying lubrication wipe off any dirt from the area. After application be sure to clean up any excess lubricant.