Engine Heaters

Engine heaters are a necessity in cold climates. Without one, an engine may not start. Several types of engine heaters exist: dipstick, oil pan, hose heater, and block heater. All of them plug into 120V AC electrical outlets. Dipstick heaters are electric dipsticks that warm engine oil. They should not be used on vehicles with plastic dipstick tubes. Magnetic oil pan heaters stick to steel oil pans, but not aluminum oil pans. Some oil pan heaters have a sticky pad that can be installed on all clean surfaces. A hose heater is installed in a radiator hose or heater hose, heating and circulating the coolant. A block heater is installed into one of the engine’s soft plugs (also known as freeze plugs). This type of heater consists of a heating element that heats the coolant. Block heaters are commonly installed in new cars as standard equipment in cold climates. Look under the hood or at the front of your vehicle for a 120V AC plug. Be sure to unplug the engine heater before driving away.