Parking Brakes

A parking brake engages shoes or pads at the rear wheels to keep the vehicle from moving when parked. However, instead of brake fluid as the connection, a mechanical cable or motor is used.

Mechanical Cable Brake. A hand lever in the console or small pedal on the far left side of the driver’s foot controls engages the cable. The cable allows the systems to work independently. To help keep the cable from corroding and seizing, use it whenever parking. If the brake lever or pedal moves more than normal, it may be an indication the cable or brakes are worn.

Electric Parking Brake (EPB). An EPB uses an electric button located in the console to signal a motor to pull the brake cable or directly engages advanced caliper motors when parking. In some systems in an emergency the EPB sends a signal to the ABS unit to use the hydraulic system for a more controlled stop.