If you are in an accident, try to remain calm. Turn on your hazard lights. Do not leave the accident. Use a cell phone to call for assistance. If no one is hurt and the accident was minor, move the cars (if possible) to the side of the road out of traffic. If you have safety cones, reflective triangles, or flares in an emergency kit, set them out to warn oncoming traffic. After safety considerations have been taken, wait for police to arrive, take pictures of the accident or sketch the accident scene, and exchange information with the other party (i.e., names, addresses, phone numbers, insurance policies, driver’s license numbers, car information, and license plate numbers). Discuss the specifics of the accident only with the police. Do not accept blame or accuse the other party. Request a copy of the police report. If you believe you may have been injured, visit a doctor and contact a lawyer for advice. Finally, call your insurance company and re-read your policy.