Animal Collision

Vehicle collisions with large animals like deer can cause significant damage and personal injury. Hundreds of thousands of accidents happen each year involving animals. October through December are very active months for car-deer collisions due to the deer rutting (mating) season. Drivers need to be particularly attentive during the evening hours and around sunrise. If you see one deer on the side of the road or running, be cautious. Deer commonly run in groups. Follow all posted speed limits, use high beams when possible, always wear your seat belt, and be especially cautious in designated animal crossing areas. Do not swerve into oncoming traffic or off the road to miss a deer or animal. Brake firmly and honk your horn. If you do collide with an animal, don’t touch it. It may be injured and could cause you personal harm. You may need to call law enforcement. After the accident, contact your insurance agent to see if the damage to your vehicle is covered by your policy. Comprehensive policies cover damage caused by vehicle-animal collisions. Also check your policy deductible to see if it makes sense to have the insurance company pay for the damage.