Exhaust Manifolds

An exhaust manifold connects directly to an engine’s cylinder heads. It harnesses the hot exhaust gases from combustion and guides them to the exhaust pipes. Inline engines have one exhaust manifold, while V configured engines have two (one for each bank of cylinders).

Standard Exhaust Manifolds. Standard exhaust manifolds are usually made out of cast iron. Each cylinder’s exhaust collects together into one area relatively close to the cylinder head. An oxygen sensor may thread into the exhaust manifold to monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust gas. A shield may be used over the exhaust manifold to protect other components from the intense heat.

Performance Headers. Headers provide a more even and complete flow of exhaust out of the engine, equalizing exhaust backpressure and improving engine performance. Headers, designed from welded tubular steel, can be uncoated, painted, stainless steel, chrome, or ceramic-coated.