Two-Post Lift Operating Procedure

When using a lift have a partner direct you into the lifting area. Warning: Stand to one side, not in front of the vehicle. Line the center of gravity of the vehicle with the posts or as required by the lift manufacturer. On rear-wheel drive vehicles the center of gravity is usually directly below the driver’s seat. However, on front-wheel drive vehicles, it is usually slightly in front of the driver’s seat. Make sure the lift arms are contacting the vehicle’s lift points. When vehicles still had full frames, the lifting points were easy – the frame. Today many automobiles do not have full frames, but unibodies. The frames on unibody vehicles are integrated with the body. When lifting a vehicle, use a manual to identify the correct lift points. Lift the vehicle about a foot off the ground. Then gently push on the front and rear bumper to make sure the vehicle is stable. Visually recheck the lift point connections. Raise the vehicle to the desired height and inspect the lift points again. Warning: Some two-post lifts have overhead devices. Do not lift the vehicle so that the roof of the vehicle comes in contact with overhead devices. Once at the desired height lower the lift onto the load holding device (safety locks). After work is completed remove everything from under the vehicle. First raise the vehicle off the load holding device to disengage the latches, then lower it to the ground. Always refer to the lift manufacturer instructions for specific lifting procedures.