Using Jacks and Jack Stands

You should never go under a jacked-up vehicle unless it is supported by jack stands. Safety jack stands are inexpensive and a must when completing repairs or service procedures under a vehicle. The following are the steps for jacking up a vehicle. Warning: Never use concrete blocks or other inadequate devices for supporting a vehicle. 

Jacking a Vehicle Procedure 
STEP 1 Chock the wheels that will be on the ground. Wheel chocks are used to minimize the risk of the vehicle rolling and falling off the jack.
STEP 2 Position the floor jack so that it comes in contact with the frame or another solid chassis component. Do not use the oil pan, body, or other fragile component as lifting points when jacking up the vehicle. Serious damage could result. Check the owner’s manual for specific lift points.
STEP 3 Slowly pump the jack and lift the vehicle.
STEP 4 Once at the desired height, position the jack stands under the frame or specified jacking points. Ratchet the jack stands to the desired height.
STEP 5 Slowly lower the vehicle onto the jack stands and remove the floor jack.
STEP 6 Reposition the floor jack, lift the vehicle off the jack stands, remove the jack stands from under the vehicle, lower the jack, and remove chocks.