Spare Tire

Spare tires come in three varieties: full size spare with matching wheel, full size spare with non-matching wheel, or a compact temporary spare. See Chapter 20 for Changing a Flat Tire steps.

Full Size Spare with Matching Wheel. A spare tire that is the exact same size with a wheel that matches the four on the vehicle is the most versatile, but also the most expensive. This type of spare should be included in a tire rotation pattern, increasing the overall useful life of all your tires.

Full Size Spare with Non-Matching Wheel. A spare tire may be the exact same size as the other tires on the vehicle, but mounted on a less expensive, usually steel, wheel.

Compact Temporary Spare. To save weight and space in the cargo area (trunk), most passenger cars come with a compact temporary spare – also called a “space-saver” or “donut” spare. These tires are for temporary emergency use only. Refer to the owner’s manual and the spare tire sidewall for specific use. Most temporary spares are designed for very short distances that don’t exceed 50 mph (80 km/h).