The Auto Upkeep eBook can be read on tablets, desktops, laptops, phones, and other devices that can access the Internet. You can purchase the textbook, workbook, or both as a combo set. Do you already have an eBook code from your bookstore or instructor? Follow the instructions HERE to access your eBook. If you need a code, check out the options below.

Individual Codes:

You can order directly from the links below and have access to the eBook in minutes.

Textbook – 288 page eBook – Starting at $20.00

Workbook – 176 page eBook – Starting at $10.00

Textbook and Workbook Set – 464 page eBook – Starting at $30.00

School Quantity Discounts:

Quantity discounts are available for eBook access codes. Email Mike at info@autoupkeep.com or call him at 800-918-7323 to receive a custom quote. How it Works: Teachers assign each student an access code which includes both the textbook and workbook. Students have the ability to digitally highlight text, take notes, and write in their eBook. They can also print off 20% of the total pages. When the class ends, teachers assign their next group of students new eBook codes. To get the best discount, you can purchase additional codes for upcoming semesters or for several school years at the same time. You issue the codes as you need them.

Textbook and Workbook Set Access Code Quantity Discounts

Quantity 11-25          $20 each code

Quantity 26-99          $15 each code

Quantity 100-999          $10 each code

Quantity 1000 and up          $7.50 each code

Check out how the RedShelf eReader works: