Community Programs

What makes a great community program? Providing opportunities to empower community members.

Auto Upkeep's curriculum is ideal for
  • Community Education Programs  
  • Understanding How Cars Work  
  • Adult and Continuing Ed
  • Know Your Car Workshops
  • New Drivers
  • Saving Money

Program Types

Adult and Continuing Education Programs

Available at Community Colleges and Workforce Development Agencies. Auto Upkeep helps all drivers, young and old, understand how cars work. The most expensive item people will have after a home is an automobile. Learning the basics helps drivers become confident automobile owners.

Car Care Clinics

Available at local Auto Shops. An educated automotive consumer is a win-win for the driver and the auto shop. Helps drivers become familiar with the auto shop and staff when assistance is needed.

Automotive Ownership Classes

Sponsored by Insurance Agents. Upon completion, students could be offered a discount on insurance.

Afterschool Programs

A popular program offered by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Are you looking for a hands-on, engaging curriculum for teens? The Auto Upkeep Curriculum works well in afterschool programs providing teens with opportunities to learn about basic car care, maintenance, repair, and ownership. Our curriculum has all the resources needed to help students become responsible auto owners. And get this…it is FUN and PRACTICAL!

Know Your Car Workshops

Sponsored by local Auto Part Stores. May be facilitated at the auto part store and upon completion a coupon is provided for parts or supplies.

Other Facilities and Institutions Using Auto Upkeep
  • Juvenile Correctional Centers  
  • Adult Correctional Centers
  • Justice Centers
  • Youth and Adult Job Centers  
  • Career Centers
  • Youth and Adult Homes

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