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Auto Upkeep Workbook

The Auto Upkeep Workbook was created to work as an extension of the Auto Upkeep Textbook (see related products). The workbook contains 40 Internet-based and hands-on activities that are extensions of each chapter of the textbook. The workbook chapters each include objectives, online resources, key search words, up to five Internet-based or hands-on activities, study questions, and journal questions. The activities list necessary tools, supplies, and step-by-step instructions with illustrations.

By completing the Auto Upkeep Textbook and Workbook you will learn how to choose a quality repair facility, buy a car, handle roadside emergencies, diagnose common problems, and communicate effectively with technicians – all while saving money.

40 Hands-on and Internet-based Activities By Chapter

Chapter 1

Car Identification Activity – Identify an automobile by make, model, year, and type.
Owners Manual Activity – Locate and use an online owners manual.

Chapter 2

Buying a New Automobile Activity – Differentiate between MSRP, dealer invoice, and dealer cost.
Buying a Used Automobile Activity – Research prices, reliability ratings, recalls, technical service bulletins, and safety ratings.

Chapter 3

Automotive Expenses Activity – Calculate automotive expenses.

Chapter 4

Repair Facilities Activity – Choose a quality repair facility. Interpret a repair invoice.

Chapter 5

Automotive Safety Activity – Identify the location of emergency and safety equipment.
Safety Data Sheets – Locate and interpret a safety data sheet.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Fire Safety Activity – Identify the importance of using personal protection equipment and research fire safety.

Chapter 6

Tools and Equipment Activity – Identify basic tools and equipment that are used in automotive shops.
Service Manual Activity – Navigate an online service manual.

Chapter 7

Interior Cleaning Activity – Clean the inside of a vehicle.
Exterior Cleaning Activity – Clean the outside of a vehicle.
Waxing Activity – Wax the finish on a vehicle.

Chapter 8

Fluid Level Check Activity – Safely check the fluid level in various vehicle components.

Chapter 9

Ohms Law Activity – Use Ohms Law to calculate volts, amps, or ohms.
Wiring Diagram Activity – Locate and interpret a wiring diagram.
Battery Activity – Safely clean and test the battery.
Charging Activity – Safely test the alternator.
Starting Activity – Safely test the starter.

Chapter 10

Oil and Filter Change Activity – Safely change the oil and filter on a vehicle.

Chapter 11

Fuel System Part Identification Activity – Use an online auto parts catalog to identify fuel system parts.
Fuel System Maintenance Activity – Change the air filter, PCV valve, and fuel filter.

Chapter 12

Air Conditioning Activity – Inspect and identify the components within the air conditioning system.
Cabin Air Filter Activity – Replace the cabin air filter on a vehicle.
Cooling System Activity – Safely test, inspect, and service the cooling system. Observe thermostat operation.

Chapter 13

Ignition System Activity – Install spark plugs. Inspect, test, and install spark plug wires. Inspect and install distributor cap and rotor on distributor systems.

Chapter 14

Suspension and Steering Activity – Safely inspect and perform basic service procedures on suspension and steering components.
Tire Inspection and Rotation Activity – Safely inspect tires for wear and rotate tires.

Chapter 15

Brake Inspection Activity – Safely inspect disc brakes.

Chapter 16

Drivetrain Activity – Safely inspect drivetrain components.

Chapter 17

Exhaust and Emissions Activity – Safely inspect exhaust and emission components.

Chapter 18

Payback Period Activity – Calculate payback period.
Future Vehicle Activity – Predict the role of automobiles in 2050.

Chapter 19

Automotive Accessories Activity – Estimate the cost of accessories for a vehicle.

Chapter 20

Changing a Flat Tire Activity – Safely change a spare tire.
Jump-Starting Activity – Safely jump-start a vehicle.
Lighting Activity – Replace various lights on a vehicle.
Replacing Wipers Activity – Replace wipers on a vehicle.
On-Board Diagnostics Activity – Retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from an OBD II system.

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