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Auto Upkeep 3rd Edition © 2013
Available NOW and in FULL Color. Auto Upkeep is here to support students, educators, and anyone else interested in learning more about automotive technology. This page provides an overview of the detailed automotive technology information available on Auto Upkeep the Book, the Auto Learning Center, and the Q & A Center.

Auto Upkeep the Book
The book Auto Upkeep is currently being used by over 500 schools throughout the United States and Canada. The Auto Upkeep Book menu above provides links to detailed information about the book. You will find information about professional reviews, author details, featured schools, and how to order. If you are an instructor considering Auto Upkeep for course adoption you may request a Free preview copy by submitting your information on our online preview copy form or contacting us directly.

Auto Learning Center
The Auto Learning Center is designed to guide you through the basics of each automotive system.

Auto Learning Center Topics:

Introduction to the Automobile
  Cooling System
Buying an Automobile
  Ignition System
Automobile Expenses
  Suspension & Steering
Automobile Safety
  Braking System
Automobile Care
Fluid Level Check
  Exhaust & Emissions

Electrical System

  Basic Tools
Lubrication System
Fuel System
  Alternative Fuels

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Q & A Center
The Auto Upkeep Q & A Center is a free resource where we post frequently asked car care questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your specific question we also provide a free form for you to submit your questions.

Frequently Asked Question Topics:

  Fuel System
Battery, Lights, and Electrical
  History and Industry
  Hybrids and Alternative Fuels
Buying an Automobile
  Ignition System
Checking Fluids
  Oil and Lubrication System
Cleaning and Care
  Routine Maintenance
Cooling System
  Tires, Suspension, and Steering
Exhaust & Emissions
  Tool Basics

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Auto Upkeep is an excellent resource for:

  • Homeschool Students
  • New Drivers - Teens and Adults
  • Introductory Automotive Programs and Classes
  • Boy Scouts Auto Mechanics Merit Badge
  • Girl Scouts Car Care Badge & Car Sense Patch
  • 4-H Automotive Programs
  • Basic Car Care Clinics and Seminars
  • Saturday Automotive Workshops
  • Adult and Consumer Education Classes
  • Driver Education Classes and After School Programs
  • Students, Teachers, and Parents

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It's Easy To Order Auto Upkeep
You can order here directly from us (the authors) on this website.

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